Earning Airline Miles with Everyday Transactions

Do you want to climb the steps of the Swayambhunath Temple in Katmandu? Roam along the tulip flower fields in the Netherlands? Dive into the wild pink waters of Lake Hillier in Western Australia? Frequent flyer miles might make that possible.

What’s that you say? You don’t fly enough?

Frequent flyer miles aren’t reserved for seasoned travelers. Many companies offer airline miles in return for cash or credit card purchases.

How Do Airline Miles Work?
Credit card companies always look for unique ways to stay one step ahead of the competition. One unique way companies gain loyal customers is by offering frequent flyer bonuses to card holders who use their cards on a regular basis. Many retail and commercial businesses have teamed up with credit card companies to promote a specific card and reward customers with additional airline miles.

In some cases, using a credit card will help you rack up a hearty amount of miles. While some purchases give you a bonus of 100 frequent flyer miles, others pay out bonuses of 100,000 miles.

Why Build Up Airline Miles?
The answer is easy: so you can travel for free. Frequent flyer miles allow you to travel around the globe for free and experience life in different cultures. Interested in how many airline miles you have to rack up before you can travel overseas? It takes about 100,000 miles to travel across the Pacific Ocean or make it from North America to Europe.

You don't have to do much to earn your frequent flyer miles. First, get organized. Only sign up for cards and make purchases that you know you can pay off. If you plan on earning frequent flyer miles, remember you shouldn’t risk lowering your credit score for the sake of a free trip. Never run a balance.

How Can You Use Airline Miles?
Because you already spend money, you might as well earn airline miles on your credit card purchases. Once you’ve earned enough miles to travel, book your trip early. Some airlines only allow frequent flyers to purchase seats during off-seasons, so avoid planning a trip around a holiday or in the summer. You can also use frequent flyer miles for hotels and rental cars.

Many local businesses—supermarkets, retail chains, and locksmiths—offer special airline miles when you use their services and pay with cash or credit card. Don’t hesitate to ask before you make a purchase—your purchase could potentially land you on the next flight to paradise.

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