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The Benefits of Installing Electronic Card Access Systems

Whether you have a small, family-run operation or a large company, if you have been overlooking electronic card access systems, now is the time to reconsider. While traditional keys and locks have their purposes, electronic key cards definitely have their benefits. What’s more, you can even make operating your business easier and more affordable with card access systems.

The Endless Benefits of Card Access

  • Saving on Key Replacements - When someone leaves your company and has an access key, you often must deal with the cost of having the doors re-keyed, and of having copy keys created for your employees. With card access, all you need to do is deactivate that employee’s card.
  • Lost Keys - When you hand out traditional keys, you have to worry about employees or even yourself losing those keys. Fortunately, with a key card, you just deactivate the lost card and reactivate a new card.
  • Harder to Copy - Unlike keys, electronic access cards are extremely difficult to multiply and cannot be taken to your average hardware store for a copy.
  • One System for All Doors - You are in complete control with electronic access. You can program the card to allow employees access to only certain areas and you no longer have to worry about which key goes to which door. As an employee is promoted, you can add extra permissions to their card without having to copy keys or even find a set of keys that work to unauthorized areas.
  • Computer Monitored - The electronic system is monitored via computer, so you no longer have to worry about spreadsheets or manually tracking which employee has which key. You assign the key card and maintain access in the database. You can also see what employees are accessing which areas of the premises, what time and date they accessed the area, etc. You can also set general access areas to unlock at certain times of the day for customers and vendors to enter.
  • Higher Security - Traditional deadbolts could be picked, but electronic card readers do not use traditional deadbolts.

Upgrade to a More Modern Security System—Contact a Locksmith in Aurora or Markham Today

Give your facilities an upgraded, modern feel by using the latest electronic card access and monitoring. Affordable Lock Services Inc., experienced locksmiths in Markham, can help you decide on the right access system, install it and assist you with maintaining it so that your facility is not only up-to-date, but always secure.

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