Guidelines to Buy Automated Door Openers

Did you know that around 1.85 million people in Ontario have a disability? That's one in seven people. Providing easy access to your business's entryways is not only helpful to the disabled community — it's the law. 

The solution? Automatic door operators. 

If you're looking for automatic door openers in Markham, we are proud to offer installation services. But, before getting started, here is a quick guide: 


What Are Automatic Door Openers?

Put simply, automatic door openers (or operators) are true to their name — they enable doors to open automatically with minimal effort. They use electricity-powered motors, which are triggered by a push plate or a motion sensor. 


Types of Automatic Door Operators 

Auto operators are considered low-energy and activated by pressing a button to activate the motor. They are typically marked with a handicapped logo.

If someone is injured, disabled, or in a wheelchair, they can press a push plate to open the door. Once activated, the door slowly opens, and if anything gets in the way, it will stop and reverse its swing. 

There are two main types of auto operators to choose from: 

  • Electro-mechanical operator: This type is used if you need an automatic opening most of the time. The interior mechanical motor both opens and closes the door. If the wall switch is the primary way the door will open, then this is the operator for you.

    It's also best suited for businesses with frequent, heavy traffic. It's designed to withstand constant automation. 

  • Electro-hydraulic operator:  This type is similar to the electro-mechanical option in that it uses a mechanical motor to open the door; however, upon closing, it uses a hydraulic closer instead. It's intended for businesses with slower foot traffic.

    If the door will be opened manually most of the time but still needs an automatic option, the electro-hydraulic option is the best fit. 


Installation and Cost of Door Operators

Auto operators are either installed on the push side or pull side of the door. If the opening is outdoors, it's best to install it on the interior of the door to prevent weather damage. 

The cost of installation depends mainly on the location of the door operator. Do you need one at the main entrance or a washroom? Affordable Lock Services is happy to discuss your specific needs to provide an accurate quote and recommend the best method of installation.


AODA Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

By installing an automatic door operator, your entryway becomes more accessible and welcoming to anyone in need of a little help — whether it's a mom with her children or an elderly couple.

It's especially important for those with disabilities. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) came into force on January 1, 2008. It states that all businesses and multi-unit residential buildings must have fully accessible entrances by 2025; therefore, automatic door operators are required per Ontario's Building Code. 

The bottom line? Entry to your building should be as simple as pushing a button. That's where we come in. The sooner you act, the more peace of mind you'll have knowing your business is up to code.

Along with adhering to local laws, automatic door openers offer increased safety and security for your business.  


Automatic Door Openers in Markham: Experience Matters

Automatic door openers should be installed by experienced professionals to avoid issues in the future. Affordable Lock Services has over 35 years of experience in commercial safety needs within the Greater Toronto Area.  

You're welcome to stop by our showroom for a detailed discussion about our services and rates or fill out our online form. Finding the best automatic door openers in Markham becomes easier than you thought once you contact Affordable Lock Services!