The Effects of Extreme Weather on Your Business — And What You Can Do About It

Extreme weather is not always predictable, but most of the harsher storms that hit the Greater Toronto Area do come with some warning. By preparing ahead of time, you can reduce the amount of damage your business in North York and Newmarket experiences in these extreme situations. Most importantly, you need to ensure that the security for your business premises is up to date before the next storm strikes.

Tips to Prepare for Winter Storms This Year

Before the next storm strikes, there are a few things you can do to keep your business safe and mitigate the loss potential. These include:

  • Installing Smart Thermostats – When temperatures drop too low outside, your smart thermostat will ensure your business is not wasting energy when it is not in use. Smart thermostats can automatically adjust to accommodate the temperatures outside, but also increase or decrease temperature based on your business hours. Even better, you can adjust via your smartphone – so if the office closes unexpectedly, you can quickly adjust the temperature.
  • Water and Flood Detection Devices – Floods can be devastating to a business. They can destroy everything from physical property to computers, document files, office furniture, automation, and more. Water sensors attached to your commercial security system can alert you when water is detected, which allows you to respond quicker.
  • Create an Emergency Plan – Your business needs an emergency plan in place for extreme weather. The plan should address what employees will do if they are at work when extreme weather strikes or how critical operations will be handled when weather conditions shut you down.
  • Data Protection – If you are not currently operating on the cloud or using any sort of cloud backup, now is the time to implement one. Without it, your business is at risk for losing critical company information with a simple power outage, surge, fire or flood.
  • Install Better Locks – The locks on the doors at your business locations must be secure and burglar-proof. In times of extreme weather, robbers like to take advantage of abandoned streets and businesses and they target locations that have poor locks, so they can break in and get away quickly. A locksmith in Newmarket can assess your current system and upgrade you to high-security locking systems, automatic door closers, and more.

Need to Upgrade Your Locks or Repair them After a Storm? Contact a Locksmith in North York

Whether you need to upgrade or it is time to repair your doors after a storm, the team at Affordable Lock Services, Inc. can help. We offer dependable, long-lasting and highly durable locking systems for businesses throughout the area.

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