Staying on Top of Retail Security

Owning a business can be very stressful. From managing accounting, to dealing with absent employees, there is a lot involved in running a successful business. If you consider the additional stress of potential robbery, it can be overwhelming. Robbery is not solely a threat to retail stores, but also to libraries and offices. In order to avoid undesirable situations, it is crucial to stay ahead of the game in retail security. We at Affordable Lock Services Inc. do just that, with high-quality, traditional security products. In addition to traditional retail security methods, some retailers are using Electronic Article Surveillance.

What Is Electronic Article Surveillance?

There are four common types of EAS.

  • Magnetic - also known as magneto-harmonic: This system is suitable for low value goods in retail stores, due to its small size and low cost. It could also be an effective security measure for libraries since the tags can be deactivated when the books are borrowed and re-activated upon reception.
  • Acousto-Magnetic - also known as magnetostrictive: These tags are thicker than the magnetic ones and better suited for more expensive items. These tags are still relatively inexpensive and but have a better rate of detection in comparison to the magneto-harmonic tags.
  • Radio-Frequency Systems: One of the more commonly used systems today. This system uses a specific frequency level to identify a dip in its resonance peak. When an item with the tag passes through the exit gate that has a transmitter antenna, an alarm will be triggered if a specific frequency is reached.
  • Microwave Systems: Microwave tags are permanent and somewhat costly. These are used mostly in clothing stores.

Electronic Article Surveillance Does Not Replace the Need for Traditional Security Measures

While EAS can be a nice addition to retail security, it does not by any means replace or reduce the importance of the more traditional security products.

  • High security locking systems: Preventing in-store robbery is important, but if the store is vulnerable at night, daytime thwarts to prevent theft are wasted.
  • A good quality safe: For thieves with bigger prizes in mind, often the offices where the cash is kept, is targeted. Having a good quality safe will deter this type of theft.
  • Security camera: Well-placed cameras make it more difficult for potential thieves to be successful in their theft attempts. Security cameras are an extra inconvenience to thieves – they could be the difference between a theft attempt and a decision to leave the store.

Have Peace of Mind While Running Your Business

At Affordable Lock Services Inc., we want you to concentrate on the important issues regarding your livelihood. Let us concentrate on keeping your business safe from shoplifters. If you are located in Vaughan, Scarborough, Aurora, Newmarket, or a surrounding area, give us a call and we can help protect your business!

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