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When most people think of security cameras, they associate them with large businesses and shopping centers. Although security camera systems can be found at smaller businesses, they are not as common. A large percentage of homeowners have alarm systems without cameras for their homes. Having a security system with cameras is very beneficial and is something that all home and business owners should consider.

At home

Are you aware that having a security system and cameras setup at your home can make you eligible for cheaper house insurance? Many insurance companies offer discounts to those who are protected because thieves are more likely to be deterred from attempting

a theft when they spot cameras outside a house because it is likelier they will be recognized and caught.

A camera system doesn't just have to capture what happens on the exterior of your house, it can also be setup to see what happens in the interior of your home. If you're away from home often and are leaving pets behind and children with babysitters, having an interior camera system allows you to easily tap into your camera system whenever you need to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If you suspect foul play, camera recordings allow you to easily go back in time and verify the recordings before taking any action.

At your business

Security camera systems are very useful for businesses for a number of different reasons. They have been proven to prevent theft by customers and employees. They allow you as a business owner to observe your operations and your employees’ performance from afar. Cameras can enable you to see if your employees are following safety procedures or are not properly taking their breaks. Also, by not having to worry about constantly keeping your eyes on your employees, you can increase your own productivity. Having a camera system also discourages false claims. For example, if someone is accused of theft or harassment, camera recordings can be used to verify the claims and can be helpful to the authorities if there is an investigation.

Security and camera systems are not always foolproof and bad things do happen, but time and time again they have been proven to be a deterrent and can be helpful when camera footage is available. At Affordable Lock Services, we offer and install a variety of security and camera systems in the Markham area. Our products have been carefully selected to cater to all your business or personal home needs. Visit us today to inquire about our services and to learn how we can help you achieve piece of mind by making your home and/or business secure!


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