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Commercial security cameras have grown a lot in popularity over the past few years. Making use of video for enhanced security in commercial properties has become a standard feature and it is rare to see businesses that don’t have CCTV video surveillance. It can be tricky to purchase the right equipment for CCTV video surveillance, as there are many options available. You can always count on Affordable Lock Services to provide you with reliable security cameras.


We offer a wide range of locksmith services to both residential and commercial clients in Markham. Our team has the required skill and experience to handle various security issues. Whether you need key cutting or you want to upgrade your commercial security, we can help.


Take a look at the tips you have to keep in mind while purchasing commercial security cameras:


  • Figure out Your Security Needs

Identifying why exactly you need security cameras is the first step. Do you require to keep an eye on merchandise or cash registers? Are you looking to maintain limited access to areas that are restricted? Does your business need protection from thieves and vandals?

You need to explain your requirements to the store personnel clearly. This will help in ensuring that you get security cameras that can help you in running your business.


  • Setting up Your Budget

Once you know your exact security needs, it’s time to set up your budget. Keep in mind that your budget should include the amount for installation, data storage, maintenance and ongoing technical support and the cameras.


  • Understand Which Type of Camera Will Make Sense

One of the most common doubts that buyers have is whether to invest in IP cameras or analog. Analog systems are mostly wired to a recording device and project images on the screen. IP cameras use wireless internet connection to transmit images to a central network. They have better picture quality and enable flexible installation options.


  • Identify What Kind of Storage You Want to Use

The two major options for storing footage are cloud or network storage and hard copy. The storage option you intend to use will help you decide what cameras you should get.


  •  Decide on How Much Support You Want

To cut costs, you can try installing video security cameras yourself. However, there are various benefits of working with professionals who specialize in handling security cameras. You will have better peace of mind after knowing that you have the right camera installed for the job. It will also be easier to upgrade in the future if you are working with professionals.


 Let Us Help                                               

Affordable Lock Services has been providing security services in GTA and the surrounding areas since 1984. We pride ourselves on taking care of locksmith needs of our clients. We provide all kinds of services to prevent unauthorized access to your commercial building.


Call us if you want to install quality security cameras.


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