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In Ont#1b7dffario, we like to welcome everyone. If you run a business in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), you may have a further obligation to make sure that all your customers are taken care of. Although it was passed in 2005, the Ontario government is still phasing in the requirements on businesses for the Ontarians with Disabilities Act. By 2025, every business in Ontario will be required to have an accessible customer service plan in place, which may include adding or retro-fitting to aid with the opening of doors.

That’s why we at Affordable Lock Services Inc. offer automatic door opener services to Markham, Richmond Hill, and the rest of the GTA. Here are just five of the many reasons that getting an automatic door opener for your business in Richmond Hill or anywhere else in the GTA makes sense:


First and foremost, customer safety should be a priority. Canadians and Canadian businesses are becoming more and more aware of the issues surrounding accessibility. There are a lot of different means for getting around in the world and not all businesses are set up to be welcoming to everyone. If a customer needs to get into your business but has difficulty with your kind of manual door, it can quickly become a safety issue during a slippery and cold morning in Toronto. It’s best to have an automatic door opener so you know that everyone can easily enter your establishment.


Not everyone knows this, but automatic door openers can also help keep your business secure. When you also have access control hardware with your opener, you can track and control who comes into your store and when they come in.

Business Reputation

Every business owner in Richmond Hill or anywhere else in Toronto knows that there’s a lot of competition for customers. That’s why every entrepreneur should do everything he or she can to give their customers the best experience. If you don’t have handicap accessible entrances, you’re not necessarily giving the most welcoming and customer-service oriented impression.

It’s the Law

The Ontario government has been slowly phasing in the enforcement of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act for years now, to give businesses the time to update and upgrade their facilities. Soon enough, however, failure to comply with the law may come with hefty fines for businesses that don’t keep up with the new requirements.

It’s Never Been Easier to Switch

Whether you’re building a new facility or simply upgrading your new one, an automatic door opener has never been easier to get in the Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area. Send us a few photos, by email, of your entranceway and we can give you a rough idea of what it may cost.

If your business needs to upgrade its facilities, contact us at Affordable Lock Services Inc. We offer wide range of security and lock services to everyone in the GTA.


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