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You only have one home. You only have one family. The most important things in life are all irreplaceable, and most of them are within the walls of your home. You owe it to the people — and the things — you love most, to protect them the best you can.

By following a few simple tips you can improve your home security and protect the irreplaceable joys in life. Your home can become safer. You never know when a robbery attempt or break-in may occur, so follow these 5 steps now to ensure safety later.

Lock all windows and doors. Burglars almost always enter homes via first-floor windows and doors. Theft is a crime of opportunity, so take the obvious, easy step of closing and locking all entry points.

Don’t broadcast your absence. Your excitement about your upcoming cheese-making vacation in the Swiss Alps is valid. But when you broadcast an upcoming empty house on Facebook and social media platforms, you are potentially inviting your home to be invaded.

Place alarm units in visible locations. Alarms only go off after a break-in occurs. Still, placing them in a prominent position can deter crooks and cat burglars.

Illuminate your property. Break-ins usually occur at night. Lights increase the likelihood thieves will be seen, and therefore dissuade them from “five-finger discounts”.

Get a deadbolt. The harder it is to get in, the easier it is to keep intruders out. A locksmith in Richmond Hill can help you find a deadbolt locking system that is appropriate for your needs.

Remember that burglars are only in homes for an average of 10 minutes, so hide your valuables. You can make your home a safe haven, and Affordable Lock Services Inc. can assist you in doing that. Call us today for friendly, professional assistance.

Affordable Lock has years of experience providing reliable locksmith services to Markham, Vaughan, Scarborough, Newmarket and surrounding areas.

Affordable Lock is a locksmith in Markham serving the Greater Toronto Area, including Scarborough, Aurora, North York, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Stouffville. With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on looking after your commercial or residential locksmith needs. Affordable Lock’s showroom in Markham showcases a wide selection of keys, locks and an assortment of other security products for your home or business. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home or business’s security, or solve security issues, Affordable Lock Services Inc. in Markham is here for you! Give us a call today.


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