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When you use Google to find a locksmith, it might surprise you to learn that a shocking number of results may very well be "ghost accounts". These purported locksmiths are not actual locksmith businesses but fake businesses that exist to be granted access to your personal information.

Nowadays, locksmith scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated in finding new ways to deceive unsuspecting people.

The services of a locksmith are often needed under desperate or time-sensitive circumstances. Therefore, when seeking one out, you might not even realize that you may be contacting a scammer.

This brief guide will explain how you can spot these scams, stopping them in their tracks.


1. Do Your Research

Before deciding on a locksmith option to explore further, always look over their credentials and web presence carefully. Be sure to look at their reviews and always call them beforehand.

A real locksmith should have absolutely no problem answering all manner of basic questions related to a job. If you call and ask a locksmith service for an estimate, where they are located, or how they will get into your home and receive unclear answers, that can signal a locksmith scam.

2. Be Wary of Prices That Are Too Low

A fake locksmith will often offer their services for less than $40 to seem more appealing. This should be an immediate red flag, as such rates are too low for virtually any locksmith service to stay in business.

Odds are, if the quoted price feels too good to be true, it more than likely is.

3. Determine A Business Name and Address

Locksmith scammers often advertise "locksmith services" with no official business name or physical address. You should always make sure a locksmith service has both.

In addition, when your locksmith arrives, a company name should appear on their vehicle. A completely unmarked vehicle should be an immediate red flag.

4. Set Price Beforehand

Fake locksmiths will often quote a price beforehand, then increase this number "after completion" for reasons not previously stated. Always lock in your price before the job starts.

Also, before a locksmith starts a job, you should ask for an invoice form. With this, you should be able to determine that the information on the form matches the company you've consulted.

5. A Real Locksmith Should Not Have to Drill Your Lock

A professional locksmith can and should be able to unlock the average home's door with relative ease.

If your locksmith insists he or she must drill through your lock, you can assume an ulterior.

Use A Locksmith People Trust

If you're having trouble navigating the internet to pin down a locksmith you know you can trust, why not let us prove it to you?

At Affordable Lock Services, we've provided all manner of lock installation, keying, and security services throughout Ontario and the greater Toronto region. Check out our website and contact us today!



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