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A door closer is a mechanical device that maintains the closure of the door. They play an important role in maintaining the security of your building and also efficient temperature control. Door closers come with a wide variety of benefits and can be placed on any type of door, including fire doors and interior doors. Choosing the right door closer will depend upon multiple factors, such as weight of the door, location, frequency of opening and closing along with the preferences and affordability. Count on Affordable Lock Services Inc. for commercial and residential door closers in Markham and the GTA. We help access your premises and suggest a door closer that best suits your needs. We have been providing a full range of lock and door hardware, including residential, specialty and commercial products since 1984.



Five Types of Door Closers

Door closers can be selected based on appearance or other specifications. Here are some types of commercial door closers:


1. Concealed Door Closers

Concealed door closers are not visible as they are fitted inside the door's frame. These door closers work best on commercial doors and are available in hydraulic or spring-loaded versions. Concealed door closers work best if aesthetics are of prime importance since the hardware is hidden when the door opens.


2. Overhead Door Closers

These types of closers are typically found in office interior or commercial properties. They are beneficial for medium and heavy traffic throughout the day. Common types of overhead door closers are:

  •  Regular Arm

It is located on the door's exterior with one arm attached to the frame and another to the spring-loaded box. These arms project out perpendicularly when closed. It is also one of the most power-efficient options available.

  • Top Jam

It is ideally used on glass storefronts. Though quite similar to regular arm, the spring box on the top jam is mounted on the face of the doorframe. These are moderately power efficient.

  • Parallel Arm Door Closer

It is typically used in commercial buildings or schools because the risk of vandalism is less as they are more attractive than regular and top jam closers. It is less power-efficient. The arms are attached to the door through a spring-loaded box.


3. Floor Spring Door Closers

Floor spring door closers are set into the floor on the door's hinge side. On the underside of the door, a bar is fitted that controls the closing action. It provides one of the most appealing looks.


4. Surface-Mounted Door Closers

Surface-mounted closers are fitted on the door frame with a bar along the back of the door. They are available in top jam, parallel arm and slide-track arm options. Some benefits of the surface-mounted closer are:

  •  Can match the colour of your door

  • Easy to install

  • Cost-effective

  •  Small in size


5. Electromagnetic Door Closers

They are commonly used in high-security areas or hospitals. These door closers are also linked to the fire alarm system. They are highly secure.


Usually, all door closers meet the fire standards and prevent flames from spreading to other rooms. Door closers play an important part role in ensuring mobility and security in commercial properties. Get in touch with Affordable Lock Services Inc. to install automatic door closers . We also offer a wide array of products and services, such as security cameras, commercial security services and handicap door operator installations.


Contact us today to install new door closers to your property.


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