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Did you know that approximately 2.6 million people in Ontario have a disability? While it might not usually be front of mind, one in four of us are living with a disability and face a variety of accessibility challenges every day.

Whether you're after an automatic door to improve your visitors’ experience, for AODA compliance, or simply to enhance traffic flow, it's never been easier to get one installed in your business.

Read on to find out how automatic door openers work, the different types available and how Affordable Lock Services Inc. can help you get one up and running today.

What Are Automatic Door Openers?

In short, an automatic door opener uses electricity to power a motor that allows doors to open automatically. They are often used as a handicap automatic door opener where assistance in opening a swinging door is needed and are typically marked with a handicapped label.

How Do Automatic Door Openers Work?

Automatic door openers are usually activated by pressing a button located near the opening, which sends a signal to the door opener that tells it to open the door. Other options for opening include voice control, motion sensors, and even an app on your phone.

There are five main components to an automatic door opener:

• The door - Can be retrofitted on a variety of doors

• The lock and knob - Replaces the hole in the door's frame usually locked with a bolt with an automatic latch

• The door operator unit - Releases and open a door, pauses to hold the door open and then closes

• The automatic strike - Allows the door to swing open without resistance from the lock bolt

• The remote control - Activates the door system

Types of Automatic Door Openers

There are two types of automatic door openers, and the one you choose will depend on how often the opening will be used automatically versus manually.


An electro-mechanical opener uses a mechanical motor to both open and close the door. These openers are best used if the door opening will be automatically opened most of the time and are designed to last through consistent automatic usage, ideal as a commercial automatic door opener.


This type of opener also uses a mechanical motor to open the door, but a hydraulic closer shut the door instead. It's ideal for businesses with slower foot traffic or where the door will be used manually most of the time.

Get Your Automatic Door Opener Installed Today

Don't let your door be a literal barrier to potential customers. Affordable Lock Services Inc. serves the Greater Toronto Area and has over 35 years of experience, so we understand how important it is to get the job done right based on your business's specific needs.

Get in touch with Affordable Lock Services Inc. today. We'll be happy to have a detailed discussion in our Markham showroom about all your options and costs, or you can contact us online now.



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