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Your vehicle is not only valuable; it protects valuable possessions as well. This includes you, your children, other passengers, and pricey items such as GPS units, iPods, phone accessories, and other belongings you store in your vehicle. These things are important and priceless and make protecting your vehicle a high priority.

Protecting your vehicle involves safeguarding it against theft and damage. It also entails keeping your car or truck in proper working order and maintaining the interior and exterior surfaces. The better you can do these things, the longer your vehicle will last, the nicer it will look, and the more safety it will provide. Here are some specific ways to keep your automobile safe and looking great.


Theft deprives you of far more than just a mode of transportation. It deprives you of your integrity and in some cases your identity (CNN predicts that identity theft occurs every two seconds.) Add in the violation you feel and the hassle of restoring stolen possessions and personal property, and the frustrations mount exponentially. And don't forget the psychological and emotional damage vehicle theft can inflict.

Fortunately, there are simple measures you can take to protect your automobile from vehicle theft.

Install Proper Locks

Research the stock locks that came with your vehicle. Some makes and models of vehicles have lock styles that are easy to break into. You should consider installing new locks if your current locks are old or a style that is easily pried open. Loose locks should also be placed immediately.

Install a Car Alarm

Car alarms might sound annoying, but the simple truth is the noise they make often deters would-be criminals. Even the trademark blinking dashboard light that signifies a car alarm can be enough to cause potential car burglars to look for other targets.

Park in a Garage or Well-Lit Area

If car prowlers can't see your car and don't know it's there, they won't break into it. A garage provides a secure perimeter and another barrier to accessing your car. With so much extra work your local break-in artist will likely look elsewhere. Most thefts arise out of opportunity, so keeping your car garaged is an effective safeguard.

If you cannot park your prized method of transportation in a garage, park it under a streetlight or in a well-lit area. Light increases the likelihood that a break-in is spotted. Don't let thieves have the extra advantage of a cloak of darkness.


Even if your car is not stolen, it could be vandalized or defaced. Body damage such as dents and scratches can be either intentional or unintentional. These preventative measures help keep your vehicle's exterior scratch-free and looking sleek and unblemished for as long as possible – unless you back into your garbage can or closed garage door.

Park in the Back of the Parking Lot

If you aren't parked next to another car or truck, it is impossible to get a door ding. You'll also decrease the likelihood a fellow driver backs into you when pulling out of a parking space. Plus, a little longer walk to the grocery store or mall will do your body good.

Wax Your Vehicle Often

Wax provides a protective coating that repels smaller scratches. While wax will not stop vandalism or larger body damage, it can prevent the frustrating scratches that come from passersby or cyclists who try to ride between parked cars and scratch them with their handlebars in the process.

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