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A great-looking door may draw compliments, but it's the door hinge that allows the door to function. Matching the right hinge size and shape allows doors to be fully supported and to swing with ease.

If you are shopping for door hinges in Markham, Ontario, consider this article as a useful door hinge guide to get you started. Our lock service experts can help answer any further questions that you may have about installing doors and frames.


How Many Hinges Does My Door Need?

You'll need to follow certain guidelines when deciding how many hinges to install for a door. Too few hinges place stress on the supporting frame that could eventually compromise the entire structure.

The general rule is to place one hinge for every 30" of door length. If your door is no more than 60" long, then you probably only need two hinges.

Doors that are between 60" to 90" will require three door hinges. Doors that are 90" to 120" require four hinges. And so on.

What Comes With My Purchase of Door Hinges?

Typically, your door hinge purchase will include both sides of the hinge, a hinge pin (pre-installed), and mounting screws. Most hinges are sold in pairs.

You'll need a power drill to install the hinges yourself. Depending on what type of frame the door is set in, you may need to drill pilot holes before installing the screws.


Where Do I Place the Door Hinges?

The careful placement of door hinges allows the hinges to carry balanced weight loads. Place the top hinge five inches from the top of the door and place the bottom hinge 10 inches from the base of the door.

If you are installing three hinges, place the third hinge precisely in between the top and bottom hinge. If you are placing four hinges, space the top, middle two, and bottom hinges evenly.

You can always save yourself time and hassle by allowing our Markham locksmiths to install high-quality door hinges. We can evaluate whether your door needs a door closer.

How to Choose Replacement Hinges for Your Doors

Finding the right door frame requires the evaluation of several variables. Door height, weight, thickness, and width are common factors to consider when choosing the right door hinge.

Once you find the right hinge, you'll need to consider the base material. If your hinge will be exposed to the elements, consider spending a bit more on stainless steel.

Rely on Expert Advice When Choosing Door Hinges in Markham

Finding the right door hinge is important for aesthetic and functional reasons. If you have any questions about door installation, door locks, or door hinges, we are here to help. We're considered the experts on door hinges in Markham.

If you are tired of office doors being left ajar or banged shut, we can install high-quality door closers that quietly close doors after use. Call us today to learn more about our products and services.



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