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A vacation should be a happy time where memories are made and laughter is shared. It should not be a nerve-wracking occasion where you are constantly worried about the safety of your home. Be able to leave home “at home” the next time you go on a vacation by following these tips to keep your home safe and secure.

Leave a few lights on – A place that is completely dark day after day is a beacon to burglars. By leaving a few lights on you will give potential bandits the impression that someone is home. This is even more effective if you can program or rotate which lights are turned on. You will also illuminate areas of your home, thereby increasing the potential that a neighbour or passerby will witness a break-in (should it occur).

Lock all windows and entrances – You likely lock your doors already, but what about your windows, basement entrances, storm cellars, etc.? Lock all possible entry points as many times as you can. Most crimes are a crime of opportunity.

Have a neighbour stop by – Inform a trusted neighbour or friend that you are leaving and have them stop by your home occasionally to make sure that everything is undisturbed. It is also a good idea to have your neighbour or friend rotate which lights are left on to create the impression that you are home. Having them collect the paper so that it does not pile up (a tell-all sign that no one is home) is also a beneficial idea.

Don’t advertise your vacation – Sadly, a large portion of break-ins are at the hands of known acquaintances. While it may be tempting to advertise your upcoming trip to the sandy beaches of the Bahamas, it is also an advertisement that your home will be temporarily vacant. The less people know about your absence, the safer your home will be.

Let the police know – While you don’t want to tell everyone on your social media platforms about your vacation, it is a wise idea to inform the police that you will be gone. Police officers will be more likely to check out your street when they are on patrol if they have something to watch out for.

Take your spare key with you – It is tempting to leave your spare key hidden in its usual spot in the door frame. However, if a burglar knows you are gone, he or she would prefer to find your spare key as opposed to resorting to a noisy, forceful break-in. Finding the hidden key to your home is the same as opening Pandora’s box—limitless access to riches awaits.

For more tips on how to fortify your home while you are on vacation, or to install stronger locks and security enhancements, contact the expert locksmiths at Affordable Lock Services.

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