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You have many reasons to own and invest in high-quality jewelry. One of the most important is longevity. Pieces made with pure precious stones and metals can last decades. If you care for them properly, your family will still enjoy your jewelry generations from now.

To keep your fine jewelry in the best possible condition, you need to know how to care for and protect it.


You’re not going to wear every item of jewelry you own every day. When you’re not using your pieces, where do you keep them?

Get a Safe

For highly valuable items and pieces you don’t wear often, you need a reliable safe. Look for a model resistant to fire which offers burglary protections. Many safes come complete with adjustable shelving on the inside so you can keep your jewelry separate from other items you want to keep secure.

Put in Fabric Lining

You don’t need a custom box to keep your jewelry in inside your safe. However, you do want to line whatever container you use with fabric. Your pieces can get scratched or damaged if you don’t store them on a soft, protective surface.

Keep an Inventory

Keep a consistent inventory in case any of your jewelry ever gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Record what the jewelry looks like and how much it’s worth. Photographs are even better.

This kind of record will come in handy if you ever need to file an insurance claim.


You probably have some favourite pieces of jewelry you wear every day. For example, if you have a wedding ring, you don’t take it off very often. However, to protect your favourites, you should be careful how you wear them on a daily basis.

Avoid Chemicals

Some chemicals can harm the metal or stones in your jewelry. Rings and bracelets require special care since you wear them on or near your hands. Take your jewelry off before you begin any kind of cleaning or gardening.

Never go swimming with your jewelry – the chlorine in pools can damage the metal.

Avoid Risk

Don’t wear your jewelry when you perform manual tasks. Both you and your jewelry can get hurt with this type of work, since necklaces and earrings can get caught on things, and hard rings and bracelets can get broken.

Avoid the Sun

If you own jewelry with precious stones, do not expose it to prolonged, direct sunlight. The sun can discolour or damage stones and make them lose their luster.


Your jewelry will get dirty with use no matter how careful you are. You can take it a jeweler for a professional cleaning or clean it yourself at home.

Use the Right Solution

You can clean jewelry with mild soap and warm (not hot) water. For especially dirty pieces, use a soft brush or cloth. You can also clean some jewelry with rubbing alcohol. However, you should never use bleach.

Use the Right Cloths

Cloths made especially for jewelry will clean more effectively than other soft cloths. Never use paper towels or tissues on your pieces. You risk scratching the metal or stones.

Watch Out for Damage

Do not clean damaged jewelry yourself. Take it to a professional to have it repaired first.


When you’re taking your jewelry with you on a trip, you need to pack it properly to ensure it won’t get damaged on the way. And pack it in your carry-on luggage only.

Use a Jewelry Case

You can buy jewelry cases or travel boxes online or in jewelry stores. A case will prevent your jewelry from scratching or tangling.

Pack Tightly

If you can’t use a case, then pack your jewelry in a way that will keep it from moving around too much. Moving can cause scratches, tangles, and more serious damage.

Avoid Labels

Do not label the case you put your jewelry in or indicate it contains jewelry. You don’t want to announce the location of your valuables to potential thieves.


Even with regular care, jewelry can get damaged or broken over time. To keep your jewelry in good condition, make necessary repairs as soon as possible and don’t let minor issues turn into big problems.

Take a Look

Examine your jewelry regularly, including pieces you don’t wear very often. You can catch problems early if you keep track of your jewelry’s condition.

Call the Professionals

Do not attempt to repair jewelry yourself. You could end up irreparably damaging a piece, or paying much more for a professional to fix it than you would have in the first place.

Inspect At Pick Up

Once the professionals have finished repairing your jewelry, give your pieces a close inspection before you leave the shop and take them home. Make sure that settings feel firm and everything looks good. If you leave the shop before you find an issue, the shop could claim the problem happened after you left.

Treasured jewelry pieces can turn into precious family heirlooms. If you properly care for your jewelry, these valuables will last the rest of your life and beyond.

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