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Whether your bank is right around the corner or across the province, there’s no need to store all of your valuables there. While banks have 24-hour security and nearly impossible to hack alarm systems, the things you choose to secure there usually aren’t insured.

A safe is designed to keep all of your most precious belongings and valuables safe—passports, wills, funeral directives, spare keys and jewellery. If you keep these in a bank, you may not be able to access them at the drop of a hat. Instead, you’ll have to wait until the bank is open and, if the owner of the safe passes away, most banks are required to seal it until court papers are presented.

Avoid the hassle. Don’t risk losing your belongings to a bank robbery or death when you can insure and secure them in the comfort of your own home. Invest in a fireproof safe that you can access easily and store items in safely.

Here is a list of ten things you can keep stored in your home’s fireproof safe.

Copy of SIN

You’ll want to keep a hard copy of your Social Insurance Number (SIN) in case of an emergency. Whether or not you have it memorized, keeping a hard copy is always a good idea.

Copy of Will

It’s best to have easy access to your will (or any will you’ve been made executor over). If you keep a will in a bank safe deposit box, and pass away, your box will be sealed and access to your will may be very limited.


Cash, coins and jewellery can all be kept in a safe at home. It might become a hassle if you constantly need to drive to the bank in order to take out your valuables—keep them safe at home.

Passports/Original Birth Certificates

You never know when you might need to leave the country or prove your residency. Keep these important items secured in your home’s safe.

Important Papers

It’s important to keep a record of investments, bank accounts and retirement plans secure in a safe. Without this information, you may face a serious problem.

Important Legal Documents

It’s helpful to have access to your important legal documents (powers of attorney, health care proxies, living wills) without having to travel to a bank or wait until one opens.

Property Insurance Policies

If your house is struck by a tornado, earthquake, or fire, you’ll want access to this information immediately. If you have to wait, it will take longer for you to file a claim.

Financial Information

You’ll want to keep a record/file of outstanding debts and due dates in order to be aware of your finances. In the event of an emergency, this information might be needed instantly.

Spare Keys/Titles to Vehicles

Whether or not you are prone to losing things, it’s always helpful to have an extra set/copy in a safe.

Emergency Contact Information

You might want to consider keeping a list of doctors, pharmacies, prescription medications and other important contact information in your home’s fireproof safe. If something happened to you, this information could be vital to your survival.

After you’ve stored some of your most important documents and valuables in a safe, where should you keep it? Here are two things to consider when determining the best location for your safe:



If you choose a large vault safe, it should be in a room or closet with enough space. If it is extraordinarily heavy, you’ll want to keep it on a floor that can hold its weight. Smaller safes work on almost any level and in any room. If you want extra protection, consider a floor type safe. You can lower the safe into the floor and cover it with a piece of flooring in order to trick intruders.

The most common type of residential safe is a small, freestanding safe. Although they are portable, they are still too heavy to pick up and move alone. Most of these safes are located out of sight or bolted to a floor.

The type and location of your safe are important factors in the contents you decide to put in it. If you like to keep a lot of cash on you, you may require a bigger safe. If you only want to secure documents, a smaller safe will probably work for you. Just remember, choose a safe that you will use and feel comfortable accessing at any time of the day or night.

A locksmith in Vaughan or a locksmith in Markham will be able to help you choose a safe that is right for your specific needs.

Call 905-477-7618 and one of our representatives will help you with getting the perfect safe for you.

Affordable Lock is a locksmith in Markham serving the Greater Toronto Area, including Scarborough, Aurora, North York, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Stouffville. With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on looking after your commercial or residential locksmith needs. Affordable Lock’s showroom in Markham showcases a wide selection of keys, locks and an assortment of other security products for your home or business. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home or business’s security, or solve security issues, Affordable Lock Services Inc. in Markham is here for you! Give us a call today.


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