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The 4 Most Common Locksmith Scams and How To Avoid Them

locksmith scams

Did you know that the lock was invented around 4,000 years ago and originated in ancient Egypt?

Fast forward to today, and that technology has become much more sophisticated. Despite the leaps and bounds in design, you may still need your lock repaired or replaced, for instance. Half the battle to get proper services involves finding a locksmith you can put your trust in.

Are you wondering what you should look out for? Keep reading to learn all about the four most common locksmith scams and how to avoid them.

1. Misleading Websites

One of the most popular scams involves fake websites. This happens when a scammer creates a site so that it looks like an official one. They tend to use the name, logo, and other identifying information of a reputable locksmith to trick people and steal their money.

One way you can avoid falling into this trap is by noting whether the website has a lock symbol next to the URL in your browser. This is one sign that the website is safe and secure.

2. Doesn't Take Credit Cards and Other Forms of Payment

Are you wondering what other kinds of scams are out there? If you meet a locksmith who refuses to be paid in any way other than physical cash, then that's a red flag.

By insisting that you pay in cash only, an illegitimate locksmith may try to cover their tracks. You can dispute a credit charge, but you're helpless when paying cash. This is often a strategy that allows them to get away after offering subpar services.

Any legitimate locksmith will accept all forms of legal payment.

3. Charging for Unnecessary Services

Yet another locksmith scam involves lying about the solution to your problem. For instance, you may think there's only one thing wrong with your lock, but a scammer may try to convince you that it's necessary to buy a new door handle or another part.

One way you can avoid this scam is by getting a second opinion.4. Bait-and-Switch Prices

4. Bait-and-Switch Prices

One of the most common scams is when you see an affordable price advertised, but the locksmith asks for more money after giving you the service.

This is why you should always keep your guard up and double-check the price ahead of time. If a locksmith still tries to upcharge you, it's your right to refuse them and call the police.

Are You Ready to Avoid Locksmith Scams?

Now that you've learned all about the four most common locksmith scams, you can avoid them like the plague. That way, you can have peace of mind anytime you need to change locks, get a new key made, or do a similar chore.

Affordable Lock Services Inc. is here to help. From key cutting and master key to lock installation and automated door systems, you can always rely on our decades of experience.

Feel free to schedule a locksmith appointment with us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to being of service.


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