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Have you ever been running late and just as you turn to leave, you realize you don’t have your house keys? Or have you pulled your phone out of your pocket and realized your keys have scratched up the screen? If anything like this has happened to you, you might be thinking about a keyless lock for your home. Keyless locks have unique advantages that make them more secure and convenient.

There are multiple systems on the market that use keyless lock technology. They include keypad locks, remote locks, biometric locks and smart locks. Each system has strengths and weaknesses that depend on their function. Here we will address the respective strengths of each type of lock, as well as precautions to make them work for you.


The first and oldest type of keyless lock is a keypad. Keypads have the advantage of not needing a device to open them. Since it doesn’t require a key or remote, there is no possibility for a thief to steal a spare. Keypads are often battery operated, so you won’t need to worry about being locked out during a power outage. Some even have a security feature that allows a homeowner to call for help with a certain combination.

To make the keypad as secure as possible, homeowners should protect against thieves who try to guess the code. One way to prevent this is to not use combinations that can be easily guessed, like a birthday or an anniversary. Also, make sure your combination doesn’t follow a simple pattern, like all the numbers in a row or column. Some units even come with security features that let you know if someone has used the wrong code too many times.


Remote-operated keyless locks, like a fob or a typical car remote, allow for more freedom than a regular key. They act much like the remotes used to control cars and garage doors. These are designed to be discreet on the front of your home. These locks are also multifunctional; they can be modified to open cars and garage doors. With no combination to remember, these types of keyless locks are very convenient to use. Also, the range of the remotes allows for truly hands-free access to your house, as you can unlock the door just as you pull into the garage.

The main weakness of a remote-operated lock is that you still need to keep track of the remote to get into your house. One way around this is to take advantage of the multi-use nature of a remote. You might lose a key, but it’s less likely if that key opens more than just the front door. A remote is more secure than a key. Like most keyless systems, the lock can be controlled from a computer. Thus, it’s easy to disable a remote or fob from your computer if one becomes lost.


Biometric locks use either a fingerprint or a hand print to activate the lock. As a result, biometric locks don’t require you to remember a combination or keep any special devices with you. They can also be programmed for a large number of different prints and can be integrated into a larger security system. This allows you to keep record of who uses the lock and when, allowing for a safer house.

While biometric locks overcome some of the weaknesses of other locks, they are also more expensive. As well, the increased complexity of a biometric system makes it more fragile. Of course, many biometric systems also include a keypad. Their increased cost is due to a more redundant security that adds several more systems to make a safer home.

Smart Locks

Smart phone technology has evolved enough to be used in the keyless lock market. New smart phone activated locks sync with your phone to allow access to your home through Wi-Fi. This means you don’t need to worry about carrying an added device in your pocket. As well, entrance codes to your house can be texted to whoever needs access to your house, which can be easier than giving them a key. Like most keyless locks, smart locks can determine how long a certain code or device will have access to your house.

The downside to smart locks is that they are a relatively new technology and have limited applications. Not everyone owns a smartphone and Wi-Fi connections are not always reliable. However, many smart locks come with remotes and other redundant features to counter any drawbacks of the main features.

Going Forward

Keyless locks represent a new technological leap in home convenience and security. These new locks give homeowners more control over their own security. Leaving keys behind keeps homes up to date with current technology. If you want more information about how keyless locks can help you, continue to visit our blog for updates.

If you are looking to remove the traditional key and lock door from your home or business, feel free to call one of our locksmiths in the Vaughan area for advice.

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