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Does your door slam every time you leave it open? Does it feel like you are inadvertently disturbing those around? Maybe you should consider installing door closers in your building. They shut a door automatically after someone passes through it, thereby ensuring mobility and security in commercial properties which have plenty of traffic passing through them every day.

According to the Ontario fire code, every fire door has to be equipped with a self-closing device to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. If you are looking for door closer repair and maintenance in Markham and the GTA area, Affordable Lock Services Inc. can help you. We also offer lock repair and key cutting services.


Not having the right security measures in your commercial building can jeopardize your business. Door closers offer several advantages. Some are listed below:

  • By keeping the doors shut, they prevent the conditioned air in a room from escaping. This helps in reducing energy bills.

  • Leaving the door ajar in commercial places provides access to unauthorized individuals. Using closers secures your property as the door closes immediately after someone enters.

  • They prevent doors from slamming to avoid damages.

  • The opening and closing speed of most door closers in the market today are adjustable. This feature protects small children or physically disabled people from injury.


Of the many products available today, you must choose one that suits your needs. This will be based on factors like your preference, manufacturer options, and building specifications. Here, we have enlisted the different products and their applications.


These are one of the most widely used varieties in commercial properties. They are suitable for medium to heavy traffic locations and are extremely durable. These can further be categorized into three different types:

  • Regular arm: It is also called the standard arm and is located on the exterior of the door. It consists of two arms, one attached to the frame and the other to a spring-loaded box located on the pull-side. The arms project out perpendicularly when it is closed and it is the most power-efficient option available.

  • Top jamb: Similar to the regular arm closer, its spring loaded box is mounted on the face of the doorframe. It is often used in aluminum or glass storefront doors as they generally have narrow top rails. It is fairly power efficient.

  • Parallel arm: It consists of two arms that sit on the top of the door when it is closed and are attached via a spring-loaded box. It is widely used in many applications as it reduces the risk of vandalism to the arm. Although more attractive than other overhead options, this variety is the least efficient.


These are fitted into recesses in the frame and are not visible when the door is closed. Available in hydraulic and spring-loaded versions, they are typically used for fairly light interior doors.

Heavy duty:

They are designed for larger doors with width around 1,250mm.


These are used on glass storefront doors, generally mounted on the floor and concealed. They are known to offer the most appealing look, often used for upscale commercial properties.


These are usually fitted to the frame and are the most cost-effective option in this category. They are small in size, easy to install, and are of 3 types:

  • Hold open arm.

  • Dedicated parallel arm.

  • Stop arm.

Before selecting the appropriate type of closer for your building, you must consider factors like:

  • Door size

  • Mounting location

  • Opening and closing frequency 

  • Affordability 

  • Backswing requirements

If you are not sure what the best option for your Markham property is, consult our door installers at Affordable Lock Services Inc.

You should replace your door closer device if any damages are made to it to avoid additional issues. Whether you need to install a new door closer or repair an existing one, contact us today!


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