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Keyless entry doors make life much easier at the office. There are many advantages, including not having a key, better security, and remote employee access. The decision to switch to key fobs and keyless entry might be challenging, but it will benefit your business.

How many times have you left home without your keys to the office? Or, how many times did you have to call a locksmith to open up a door because you lost the key?

Here are the top 5 advantages of keyless entry doors.

1. No Need to Worry About Keys

One of the most significant benefits of keyless entry doors is not having a key! Everyone you want to access the office doors will get key fobs to access office space.

Making keys is time-consuming. You must take a key to a local locksmith, make copies, and then wonder how many copies of keys are floating around! Instead, you can use key fobs in Markham to help you.

2. Better Security

Business break-ins in Canada are on the rise, especially with Covid-19. A key fob system allows for better security.

With each key fob coming with its own digital chip, you know exactly who does (and does not) have access to your office. With the click of a few keystrokes on your computer, you can change who has access to the building.

With traditional key entry, you constantly change individual locks when someone no longer works for your company.


3. Easier Remote Access

Should someone arrive at the office without their key fob, they can call the administrator and gain access to the office. You can remotely allow someone in the building with some models of keyless entry.

Using an additional camera system at the door allows you to see who needs remote access. Need extra key fobs made? Give us a call.

4. Access to Data

With keyless entry, you can see exactly who is coming and going and what hours of the day. With key entry, you don't know who is using each key.

A key fob allows you to see who comes in and out of the office and at what time. If you are looking to find those cheating on their timesheet or constantly showing up late, it's a good mechanism to have for your business.

5. Fewer Complications with Mobility Issues

Do people at your office have mobility issues? Do they need wheelchair access?

Those with disabilities will find keyless entry doors the best way to access the office. Using a keyless entry system will make access for them much easier.


Experience the Advantages of Keyless Entry Doors

The top five advantages of keyless entry doors are no keys, better security, and remote access. You can also gain valuable insights as to who has access to the building when. Keyless entry doors are also great for those with disabilities.

Make the switch today! Take advantage of your office access by using keyless entry doors. Get in touch with us at Affordable Lock Services, Inc. to help your office become more secure!


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