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Last year, Canada's businesses faced an unprecedented crisis and an increase in break-ins. While times have improved, the risk to your commercial business still exists.

Thankfully, there are many door locks options to keep you and your property safe; but picking one may be tricky since there are as many lock types and sizes as there are businesses. However, once you pick the ones you need, you won't regret the peace of mind it gives you.

To learn more about the best door locks in Markham for commercial business, continue reading!



A lot of Canadian businesses possess insurance in case of any physical damage to their storefronts, but you don't want to be left vulnerable without even a basic lock like deadbolts.

These are standard locks that only need a physical key to function and have a lock function for the interior. These aren't recommended for businesses with more security needs, such as jewelry stores, but they can be good for interior use.

Deadbolts are ideal for more secure geographic locations or inside use.

Electric Strike Locks

If you've ever lived in or visited an apartment, you've seen these commercial door locks in action.

These are great door locks for businesses since they can only be opened by an inside operator or by a manual key. You can also place the unlocking button in a secure area so only designated personnel can allow entry.


Card Access Locks or Keypads

These are some of the best door locks for commercial buildings since they can filter employee access.

Codes for staff areas, supply rooms, and equipment rooms can be secured by a code or key card only available for select personnel. The codes are also easy to reset regularly instead of replacing the whole lock. Keycards also add the advantage of time and use tracking.

Best of all, a good company, like Affordable Lock Services, will be able to set you up with all the reset and maintenance information you need for long-term security use!

Fob or Remote-Control Locks

Remote control door locks for your offices add a new layer of security using technology. They can remotely open through a fob, or sometimes even your phone! These are more secure since a key copy would be harder to reproduce.

Panic Bar Locks

If you're looking for door locks for your store's building or another large commercial area, these lock types are often required for safety reasons.

They can be locked for security but also pushed open for safe evacuation in urgent scenarios. These can also be helpful for areas that may need to be left unlocked throughout the day but secured later at night.


The Best Door Locks in Markham

When it comes to commercial door locks in Markham, these are just the tip of the iceberg!

With over 35 years of experience, we know how to unlock your security potential through commercial lock installation and key services. From Vaughan to North York, don't hesitate to reach out to Affordable Lock Services for your door lock needs today!




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