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Getting a spare key cut might seem like an easy enough task. It probably seems like the best idea would be to get the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible, right? Well, making a spare key is actually a lot more involved than most people think. When it comes to cutting keys that provide access to your home or business, it’s important to use a service that you trust. At Affordable Lock Services Inc., we offer professional key cutting to those in Markham and the Greater Toronto Area. Let us show you four different reasons why using a professional locksmith is the right choice for all your key cutting needs.

1. Quality

Quality is important when you get a new key cut for the lock on your home or business. You want to make sure that the work is up to industry standards and that the key used is made of a high-grade material. The last thing you want is a key that breaks in your lock while you’re trying to open the door, or a key that won’t open your door at all.

2. Security

Security and trust are big issues when it comes to cutting duplicate keys for your home or business. You need to be wary of who you put your faith in when hiring a business to cut your keys. Key cutting isn’t a regulated industry, so it’s possible for someone with unsavoury intentions to set up shop and make an extra copy for themself. Be sure that you hire a reputable locksmith the next time you duplicate one or more of your keys.

3. Experienced in Key Cutting

Experience is a huge factor when it comes to cutting keys. An experienced locksmith knows how important it is to cut the key from the original that was made for your lock. With each duplication of a given key, quality goes down and precision deteriorates. This can cause multiple problems in the long run.

4. Key Type

If you’re looking to have a high security key made, it’s always best to go to a specialist. Your average run-of-the-mill hardware store won’t have the skills required to get the job done properly.

If you’re in the market for key cutting services in Markham or elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area, give us a call at Affordable Lock Services Inc. Visit us here for more information regarding our products and services.


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