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When you own a business, it’s your responsibility to make sure your company’s products, equipment, data and employees stay safe and secure at all times. That’s why it’s important that your business has the latest commercial security features to keep intruders from gaining access to valuable assets and sensitive information. Here are a few tips for preventing unauthorized access to your Markham business.

Install security cameras

One of the best ways you can deter potential intruders is by installing security cameras all around the site of your business. These cameras allow you to monitor the premises for possible security threats and record events in case of break-ins. With many of today’s security cameras, you can keep tabs on your property from anywhere in the world by streaming video over the internet.

At Affordable Lock Services, we offer a number of cutting-edge CCTV and security cameras, including:

• Bullet cameras

• Dome cameras

• Pro-box cameras

• Infrared (IR) security cameras

• Live streaming cameras

• Wireless cameras

• Hidden cameras

Use a keyless entry system

Keyless entry systems require authorized personnel to use a card, code or fob in order to enter the building. In case of a security breach, the cards can easily be changed and access codes reset so you don’t have to completely replace the locks. At Affordable Lock Services, we’ve found that access card systems are especially popular with business owners because they’re so affordable, durable and easy to use.

Secure your doors with commercial locks

It’s important to make sure your doors are secured with the right locks and access control devices. Commercial locks, for instance, are stronger than residential locks and are designed for heavy use. It’s also a good idea to install electric strikes, features that control access to an area by keeping the door locked from the outside and requiring guests to be buzzed in.

Talk to your employees about security protocols

Even with top-notch safety and surveillance features, it’s important that all of your employees are on the same page when it comes to business security. Remind them to keep their access cards on their person at all times and avoid sharing access codes with others and ensure that doors close and lock securely behind them. You should also encourage them to watch out for tailgating, which occurs when an unauthorized person follows an authorized person into a secure area.

At Affordable Lock Services, we offer commercial security products, including CCTV and security cameras, to businesses in Markham and across the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your business’s security or repair a commercial lock, we’re here to help with all your security needs. For a commercial locksmith you can trust in Markham, contact us today.


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